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    Oh hai.

    Yes, I understand the proper greeting would be “Hello, and welcome to my portfolio website where I showcase my work and hope you will engage me for whatever content creation or design projects you might have on hand.” But then how would I have impacted you on your first impression of me?

    That’s really the basis of Oh My Word!; that whatever I do, whatever I say or write, I want to give you something to shout about.

    The name didn’t come easy either. I was going to name this little shindig “Your Father’s Company”, but BizFile wouldn’t allow me the honour, saying sole proprietorships aren’t allowed to use the word “Company” as part of the name (and here I thought they just didn’t want me to be rude). Also, my wife disapproved. Oh, the bureaucracy.

    More importantly, it took me half a lifetime to realise, commit to and hone the one thing I could do that was of real value to the world (and a few other things that happened to come with it) — I possess the power of the written word.

    But as with all recently realised superpowers, written communication takes a lot of practice and experience to control, and skilfully wrangle. I could go on and on with words, but I have found people run at the sight of a big chunk of text, especially if you don’t apply the proper styling to the words. Hence, the puppy.

    This puppy is purely for effect. If you'd prefer a cat, please say so in the comments below.

    Hire me. Pwease?

    Go have some fun browsing through my portfolio, and if you like what you see, call me (maybe)! I love to talk (and write, and doodle, and, er, stuff).

    Winston Tay
    That fella from Oh My Word!